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Grab yourself a cup of something nice, a plate of something tasty, pull up a chair and relax. We’re in the zone of stories, articles and interviews, all about swing! As a dancer of 5 years, and a total behind-the-scenes obsessive, I want this to be a place to discuss how the 80’s swing dance revivial played out in the UK, through to how things are currently in the UK for swing dancers.

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The last 5 years learning how to do the Lindy Hop have been truly transformative for me, but I certainly claim to be no expert on the dance, or the history, or the music. What I’m proposing here is a place to learn more about all of these things, and I want my readers to be able to learn along with me, and contribute to the conversation. That means as well as interviewing some big names in UK Swing dancing, I also want to interview the everyday dancers who in their part are making the continuation of this artform possible.

I was first introduced to the Lindy Hop back in 2008, but for various reasons decided not to pursue it. The same friend recommended that I come back in 2017 and this time it has firmly stuck! Dancing is something that I truly enjoy, as well as all the benefits of belonging to a group of like-minded and friendly people. Like many I was devestated by the pause in social dancing during the pandemic and grateful that we were able to return to dancing and slowly begin to re-build the calendar of events that we had enjoyed in up to 2019.

The world of swing dancing is made up of various people; the teachers and students, DJ’s and social dancers, event organisers and those who travel the country to attend as many events as possible. So I feel to truly get the full picture of UK Swing dancing then everyone should be able to share their story. With so many interesting and different perspectives we will all be able to see as much as possible. 

I hope that you will enjoy all of the stories that I bring here, and may consider to share your own. If you would like to get in contact, please leave a comment on any of the posts or use the details on the Contact Me page.

Keep Dancing & having fun!