Here are some FAQ’s from previous customers as well as a few things we thought you’d like to know.

I will be doing occasional stalls to sell my clothing and accessories at dances and dance related events.

I also have an Etsy store. But the best place to order and get notice of all discountsd and offers is here at the website.

It will  not be possible to buy my items at other shops or websites.

Please see here for our Returns/Refunds policy.

 Where possible Imaginative Adventures Clothing is a Sustainable/Eco-Friendly brand. This will be realised in the following ways:

  • All New clothing blanks* will be at minimum Fairware, Fair Trade and Organic.
  • We will also look to purchase blanks* from other sources. These will be mainly deadstock suppliers or charity shops, to help reduce the quantity of clothing that ends up in landfill.
  • All New Fabrics purchased will be only be made from recylcled/sustainable materials.
  • We will also aim to make use of deadstock fabric where appropriate to the item.
  • Any printing done by Imaginative Adventures Clothing, or External suppliers will be done using eco-friendly, water based inks.
  • All promotional/packaging will be made from recycled materials.

*Clothing blanks in this instance are plain items of clothing that are subsequently printed/dyed.

Yes, Absolutely! This can be done either using a photo or drawing as a basis for your design. Please get it touch here to discuss and I can give you a quote.*

*Original ideas only.

Only if you can provide written permission from the original artist and the original digital files to be able to create the screen.

I reserve the right to contact the original artist seperately to confirm permission and discuss design changes required to make the logo suitable to print.

Absolutely! I love the idea of getting new use out of existing clothing items. Please get in contact here to discuss further.

I am no longer offering specific photography packages but I am happy to come and photograph at any local swing dance events. Please get in contact with me here to discuss.

Absolutely not. I have experience with photographing Lindy Hop dancers because I am one. However I love to watch all kinds of swing dance and am very interested in photographing as many of the different styles as possible. If you would like me to photograph your event then I will ask lots of questions about the different moves that you do and will research various examples of photography to ensure that I am shooting from the best place and get you something that captures the essence of your particular swing-dance.

I will upload to the Adventure in Imagination Facebook page, and here on the website. I will then ask to share to the page of your dance group. All images are low resolution web copies and watermarked. If you require a different arrangement then this will need to be discussed prior to the event.

To do this you will need to obtain written permission from the organiser of the dance, and they will need to check that their venue permits it. You will also need to cover my entry costs to the dance. Shots will have to be arranged so as not to disturb the enjoyment of other people at the dance. Unless hired by others, or the organiser of the dance, I will not take pictures of anyone else, or pictures where others will be in the background. If the organiser of your event wishes for me to cover their dance, please ask them to get in touch at [email protected] to discuss.

Yes, please find more details here.

Yes, through Imaginative Adventures Clothing we donate £1 of each Clothing item sold to both The Trussel Trust and Gloucestershire Counselling Service.

We will also do one-time donations to Charities for certain products and this will also be made clear at the point of sale.