The Business of the Business

Why photography?

Adventure in Imagination started from my desire to tell stories in pictures. I love the written word for its clarity and exactness as well as the beauty and satisfaction of finding the perfect word to express the emotion felt. I feel that Photography can also express deep emotion whilst giving the viewer multiple ways to interpret what they are seeing and feeling. No one will look at a photograph in quite the same way; the model, the photographer and the casual spectator will all draw different thoughts and emotions from the same image.

As a photographer it is my primary task to unlock magical and elusive traits to help the subject be shown in the best way, whether a person, or a product. But I find my inspiration not only lies in making my subjects shine visually but also in helping them to show parts of themselves that show them as they truly are; parts that they might have kept private or only recently discovered. To work with them to craft images that completely express their imagination and potentially their hidden tales. And then to let those tales be heard, whether by friends and family, or just by themselves. A glimpse into the unknown or hidden can be enough to light a spark of fascination and a desire to be taken on the rest of the adventure…

Why add in Clothing/Accessories?

Imaginative Adventures Clothing felt like the natural offshoot from the photography. I was producing images that brought people joy, as they were portraying the hobbies and interests that appealed, and that were not particularly available in mainstream media. Combined with my interest in graphic design, I was able to produce a design that was relevant to Lindy Hop dancers, which was based on an image that I had taken. I realised the potential for many different designs that could be produced and so decided to launch the clothing line. I also wanted to make a commitment to produce items that were sustainable and eco-friendly. We all have a responsibility to help look after our planet and I wanted to ensure that anything I made to sell had minimal impact on the environment, and the possibility to benefit others. That is why all clothing items purchased include a donation to charities close to my heart. 

The Business side of Life

Adventure in Imagination & Imaginative Adventures Clothing are managed under the following principles:


Adventure in Imagination & Imaginative Adventures Clothing are here to serve the customer. I am offering a service & products that are designed for, and around, the wishes of the people that want to purchase the types of products that I advertise. Those products are those that I feel that I can successfully offer as advertised, and to the highest standard it is possible for me to produce. If approached to undertake a project that I do not feel that I can complete to the standards that I work to, then I will decline that project rather than deliver a sub-standard product.


Where a time commitment has been made then unless under very exceptional circumstances, it will be met. I will not make¬† commitments that can’t be kept and if I am uncertain as to the particular availability of a customer request then I reserve the right to fully investigate prior to making a commitment to deliver.

Compassion, Integrity & Respect

I follow a process and achieve outcomes that a reasonable person would call just, evenhanded and nonarbitrary. I am open and direct in communication. I honour and value the abilities and contributions of others, and embrace the responsibility and accountability for my actions in this regard. I maintain an awareness of the needs of others and act to meet those needs whenever possible. I will act in ways that are consistent with my commitment to social responsibility. I will uphold these ethical principles, even when confronted by personal, professional and social risks, as well as economic pressures.