Licenced Adventures

What's your Story?

With the push in multi-media & social media marketing your customers want to know about you, as well as what you are offering them. You need images that tell the story of the product or service that you offer, and why your customers should be including them in your story.

I can help you to brainstorm creative ideas that are exciting, and that can show how your business could positively impact your customers. Together we can craft images that quickly and concisely tell those stories whether they are for marketing or portfolio use.

All images will be fully licenced, high resolution images for print and web use. Please contact me at (email) to discuss further.

Dance into the limelight...

I have experience at photographing social dances, mainly within the Swing dance genre. If you run dance groups which host social events, and would like some images of your event for marketing purposes, please contact me.

Please see below for examples of some of my work from 2021