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Imaginative Adventures Clothing

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Imaginative Adventures was born from a desire to use my images as inspiration for further artwork and graphic design projects. I have developed an exciting range of fun clothing and accessories, where the only limit is imagination!

You shouldn’t have to compromise on having products that are relveant to the life you lead and that are environmentally beneficial or sustainable. So with an Imaginative Adventures garment you can expect that:

  • Everything is designed to be purposeful as well as to bring joy.

  • Base items are either new items made with FairWare and Organic Fabrics, or are Recycled or Deadstock items which I have breathed new life into.

  • Inks & Dyes are water based and environmentally safe.

  • Packaging and promotional materials are made from recycled materials.


Imaginative Adventures is an exciting journey that I can’t wait to continue. I have some new ranges launching soon, but I always love to hear from you. If you love a design but would like it on a different item, or to have something personalised then please get in touch here and I will try my best to meet your request.