Adventure in Imagination

Original Masters

This design features names of the most prominent original Harlem Lindy Hoppers, within the silhouette of Frankie Manning, who is universally recognised as the Lindy Hop Ambassador through his work in both dancing and teaching.
These dancers were the original creators of the Lindy Hop in Harlem during the 1930’s who graced the various dance halls, the most famous being the Savoy Ballroom. Many went on to perform in Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, brainchild of Herbert “Whitey”  White, who sent them out as caberet for many of the premier ballrooms, casinos, hotels and theatres. They travelled across the world, touring the US, Europe and Australia until America entered the war in 1941. They also coreographed and danced in many feature films where exciting and sophisticated dance sequences were required. The design also features Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan, two of the many dancers who were impressed by the Harlem scene and took the dance out across the US, helping to develop the many different styles of Swing Dance.
After the war ended many dancers carried on with their daily lives and the careers that they had carved out when the era of big band music and partner dancing were in decline. During the 80’s there was a revival of Swing dance in Europe and the US, and some of those original dancers were contacted by modern dance schools and asked to come and demonstrate; eventually being persuaded to teach and pass on such a wealth of knowledge and enthusiam.
The people whose names appear on this design were responsible for creating the joy and happiness that we all find in the music, the dancing and the friendship. They didn’t know it at the time; they were dancing for their own enjoyment in a time of considerable hardship and division. But within the Swing Dancing community they are Legends and deserve to be celebrated; their legacy should never be forgotten or taken for granted.